Lot 46: Internal Thread. Taylor, Melbourne. Aqua. 10 oz.

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Sold for A$45

Very Good (7.1). Polished. Has a chisel stopper in it which is actually embossed R. Harrison on both sides, not etched in like normal. Still some very light dullness in places. Remains of some scuffs and scratches, also some fisheyes and impact marks to be found. Remains of a bit of crate wear across the embossing. Fisheye to mid rear has been smoothed over leaving a very faint flat spot. Nice looking bottle in this smaller size. EST: $20 - 30

H. Taylor / (HT Monogram) / Melbourne // This bottle / cannot be sold or used by / any other person & is not / complete without stopper. Base: T. (Victoria) Champagne shape. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 217 mm. 1900s

Internal Thread. Taylor, Melbourne. Aqua. 10 oz.
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