Lot 79: Gubgub Oasis Brand Collie Antique Codd Bottle

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J. Gubgub / Oasis Brand / (Palm Trees & Plants) / Finest Aerated Waters. Smooth base. (Collie, Western Australia) Aerated Water Codd Niagara type. Spun finished top. Aqua. 6 oz. 187 mm. 1910s
Very Good. Dull and a bit of crate wear around. Quite scuffed in patches. The embossing is lovely. Curved line of bubbles from manufacture along the front base and up through the lower middle of the embossing. Another line of bubbles over the shoulder and up to the left dimple. Really nice colour. Good looking bottle as it is but will clean up even better. Grade: 7.4 Estimate: $750 - 1000
Gubgub Oasis Brand Collie Antique Codd Bottle
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