Lot 284: McCracken's City Brewery Melbourne Beer Bottle

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Sold for A$200

McCracken's / City / Brewery / Limited / Melbourne // This bottle is the property / of the company. No Base Mark. (Victoria) Beer Ring Seal Champagne. Ring Seal. Applied top, spun finish. Dark Green. 26 oz 295 mm. 1900s

Excellent. A bit of fine inner dirt that will wash out. Streak to inner left is a darker line of glass from making. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. Lump of padding to rear base that was applied by the owner to steady the bottle on an uneven shelf. Some usage wear under the base. A bit pushed in near the rear base from making. A nice example. Grade: 8.4 Estimate: $150 - 200
McCracken's City Brewery Melbourne Beer Bottle
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