Lot 296: Antique Black Glass Bottles

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Sold for A$75

Pair of Plain black bottles: 1. "Cod Liver Oil" Cylinder with long neck. 2. Pedestal base elegant shape (Like the skirted Skipping Girl Vinegar but earlier). Smooth base. (McRae Collection) Black Glass Various Various 269 & 263 mm. 1860s-1890s

The Cod Liver Oil is Very Good. Still dirty inside and has scratches and scuffs. The other one is Excellent. Has some light scratches and scuffs. Unusual mould lines around it. Don't recall seeing a black bottle like this before. Applied top and smooth base but looks reasonably early. A really good pair of black glass bottles. Grade: N/A Estimate: $70 - 100
Antique Black Glass Bottles
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