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A statue and two vases: 1. Chinese porcelain statue of woman. Base Mark: Fabricado Em Macau / (Four Chinese Characters). 2. Large double handled multicoloured vase. Base Mark: Made in / 1932 / Norman (Within a Circle) / England / Kensington / England. 3. Casey Ware Swan Vasey. Base Mark: Casey / 80/1 Ware. (New South Wales) Pottery Various 1. Chinese porcelain statue of woman. 2. Large double handled multicoloured vase. 3. Multicoloured Casey Ware Vase. 257 - 130 mm. 1930s-1940s

1. Excellent. Some grime. A few little nicks. Some minor scratches and marks. 2. Very Good. Fine star shaped hairline under the base which can't be seen to the inner base. Some scratches and the odd scuff mark. Some crazing. Dull throughout, but this is the way it was made. Some inner base grime that should wash out. Interesting item. 3. Excellent. Small flake to rim edge. Some wax residue, looks like this has been used as a candle holder. A few scratches and minor marks. Some crazing. Possible fine hairline to rear rim. Lovely piece of Aussie pottery. Grade: N/A Estimate: $60 - 80
Art Pottery
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