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Pair of Sealed Cognacs: 1. Vieux / Cognac. Deep punt to base. 2. James Violett & Co / Old Champaign / 1820 / Cognac / Bordeaux. Large dot to centre of base. Spirits Cognac 1. Applied string rim. Applied seal to shoulder. Olive-green. 26 oz. 2. Applied string rim. Three piece mould. Applied seal to shoulder. Olive-green. 26 oz. 311 & 276 mm. 1850s

1. Very Good. Couple of little nicks and a tiny surface bruise to upper string lip. Line of inner stain that should soak out. Some very fine dullness to lower body. Dull patch or two elsewhere. Some scuffs and a few scratches. Small spot of wear to rear shoulder. A decent example of this Australian found cognac bottle, these are quite early with this string lip. 2. Fair. Looks great on the shelf. Ugly chip to lower right body which is 8 x 5 mm and quite deep. 24 x 10 mm bruised, fractured area next to this. From these marks, crack goes up 35 mm. To left of the big mark, another crack goes up 37 mm and then turns left and goes horizontally a further 20 mm or so. Again, this is nothing compared to the rest. From the big mark, a crack goes across the base edge where there is an associated bruise, then goes right across the middle of the base and up the other side, it goes up about 70 mm. There is also a crack from the first mark mentioned going right along the lower body which nearly joins up with this crack on the other side, this crack is about 90 mm. Whilst we have sold a Violett seal before, that was different as it had the 1795 date on it. A rare bottle that is a good shelf filler as it looks fine on display. Grade: N/A Estimate: $70 - 100
Antique Sealed Cognac Bottles
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