Lot 170: 9 MacRobertsons tins. Various multi-coloured scenes.

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Sold for A$85

1. Large MacRobertsons tin with a Highlander - Bearded mad in Scottish outfit and holding a sword. 2. MacRobertson Good Luck tin with a Blacksmith shoeing a horse. 3. MacRobertsons tin with Boy in a Sailors Suit. 4. MacRobertsons tin with Boy looking at a Globe. 5. & 6. Two MacRobertsons tins: The Intruders and Setters. Both Dog themed. 7. (Jazz Band playing) Swingtime Toffee Assortment. MacRobertson Land is a Land of Fabulous Flavours. Mac. Robertson Pty. Ltd. Melbourne, Aust. 8. (Small boy holding a tray of seeds for a Parrot). MacRobertson Pty. Ltd. Melbourne Australia. 9. MacRobertson's. "Carnival Girl". Chocolates Tin. (Victoria) (late Ern Taylor Collection). Tins. Sweets. Various Various. 1920s - 1960s

N/A. (N/A). 1. Scratches. A bit of wear. A large sticker mark over the lower front. Generally decent. 2. Some rust showing through the mid front. General scuffs and scratches otherwise. 3. A bit of wear. Some scratches. Generally pretty decent though. 4. The top of this one is in great shape. Really good print and colours. A few scuffs around generally. Little tarnish marks. 5. & 6. The Intruders tin is Very Good. Little dents and scratches. The setters tin is Poor. Rust and lots of marks around. 7. Bit tarnished and worn. Couple of big scratches. Some rust. Dust and grime. 8. Dust and grime. Some wear and scratches. Rough in places. 9. A bit scuffy and worn. Foxing type marks to the front. A lot of dust and grime. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $50-100
9 MacRobertsons tins. Various multi-coloured scenes.
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