Lot 197: 12 Porcelain Insulators. U1502. Different letters and numbers markings (Australia)

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1. 5 impressed in top. (U1502) 2. 0 impressed in top. (U1502) 3. 4 impressed in top. (U1502) 4. 1 impressed in top. (U1502) 5. 6 (or 9) impressed in top. (U1502) 6. 2 impressed in top. (U1502) 7. 3 impressed in top. (U1502) 8. 6 (or 9) impressed in top. (U1502) 9. 7 & 8 impressed in top. (U1502) 10. 8 impressed in top. (U1502) 11. J1683 impressed in top and E10 inside the skirt. (U1502) 12. PHK impressed in top. 1A impressed inside skirt. (U1502) (late Ern Taylor Collection). Insulator. Various. Mixed Porcelain Insulators 133 - 139 mm. Late 19th to 20th Century

N/A. (N/A). 1. EXC. Just some minor marks around. 2. EXC. Dirty inside. Minor marks otherwise. 3. EXC. A couple of very small chips at the bottom of the skirt. A bit dirty and stained inside. General minor marks around. 4. EXC. Crude with some manufacturing marks. Shallow chip on the very bottom of the skirt with a 35 mm hairline associated with it also along the bottom of the skirt. Dirty and stained inside. Chipped part to the bottom of the thread inside. 5. EXC. Really crude with glaze misses and the glaze all over the skirt has a crocodile skin effect. Dirty and stained inside with a chip to the bottom of the thread. Rusty scratch mark on one side of the skirt. 6. EXC. Crude crocodile skin like glaze over the skirt and ring. Glaze miss or shallow glaze chip on the edge of the top. Dirt and stain inside. Crudely made. 7. EXC. Unglazed top. Impurities in the top as well. Scratches which could be from making. Some glaze wear and also glaze misses around. Minor marks. Dirt and stain inside. 8. EXC. The mark to the edge of the top could have meant to be a 7 as well. Nice one with just a few crude manufacturing marks. 9. VG. Chips on the ring of 19 x 9 and 18 x 5 mm. But there are also a few kiln kisses near these so hard to be sure what has happened later and what occurred when made. Little chip to the bottom of the thread inside. General light marks around. 10. EXC. Crude one. Fine hairline inside the skirt on one side. Folds in the clay and glaze misses as well on the inside. Couple of wire rubs to the middle. Minor marks in general. 11. EXC. A beauty. Not a lot of signs of use. Bit of stain inside. 12. VG. 25 x 13 mm chip over the ring. A few dark scratches and marks around. Some dirt and stain inside. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $20-30
12 Porcelain Insulators. U1502. Different letters and numbers markings (Australia)
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