Lot 205: Three different J. O. Ladd (and I. O. Ladd) Adelaide impressed Ginger Beers. (South Australia)

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1. J O Ladd / Adelaide. No potters stamp. 2. J O Lad (sic). Potters stamp: Patent Enamelled Stone Ware / Doulton & Co / Lambeth Pottery / London. 3. I. O. Ladd / Adelaide. Potters stamp: Stephen Green & Co / Lambeth. (South Australia). Ginger Beer. Cork Stoppered. Dump. All White. Impressed. 10 oz. 168, 165 & 162 mm. 1850s - 1860s

N/A. (N/A). 1. VG. 11 x 3 mm flake along upper right inner lip edge. 4 x 4 mm flake to outer lower rear lip, possibly a potters blow out. Couple of really minor flakes to underside of lip. Some wear to the shoulder with a really small flake or two. Scuffed scratch down the left. Some other scratches and a bit of wear in places. A bit discoloured, though this looks to be from making. The impression has been highlighted in black. A nice, early bottle. 2. Good. No glaze to upper lip, but this is the way it was made. 80 mm discoloured hairline to left. A few minor discoloured scratches. The second D of Ladd has not struck at all, making this a J O Lad bottle! Unusual one with the Doulton patent potters mark. 3. Good. A few discoloured scratches to upper right and rear body. 45 x 23 mm flake under the base, some of this can be seen when sitting on the table to the right rear base edge, but mostly it is flat and under the base. A bit dull with glaze wear throughout. A really early example, the Stephen Green stamp is an unusual early badge.. Estimate: $80-150
Three different J. O. Ladd (and I. O. Ladd) Adelaide impressed Ginger Beers. (South Australia)
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