Pure Water Process Pty. Ltd., Melbourne


The Pure Water Process company appears in late 1917 with a factory in South Yarra at the Northern end of Chapel Street. Essentially they were making distilled water and would deliver demijohns of their product to homes in Richmond and South Yarra. These demijohns are of course quite sought after today by collectors.

The advertising of Pure Water Process Pty. Ltd., uncovered so far is restricted to the Richmond Guardian and only appeared between November 1917 and April 1918. As well as distilled water the company produced some soft drinks and Codd, Crown Seal and Internal Thread bottles remain as a legacy of this. Again, these are quite hard to obtain.

In October 1918 the plant of the business was announced as being for sale. In September 1919 a company of the same name is registered with an office in Collins Street, Melbourne. It is by no means certain that this is actually related to the South Yarra business although a search of the company records may uncover a link.

For now check out Egypta Products Pty. Ltd., for more information on this second business.


With an array of convincing facts and testimony to support their claims, the Pure Water Process Co. have commenced operations at their works, Chapel-street, South Yarra, just over the South Richmond bridge. A story rivalling in some respects the wonders of the alchemists of old is woven around this new industry which has so far been given little publicity, but which bids fair to prove a boon and a blessing to all who take advantage. A plant that is remarkable for the intricacy of its works, the concentrative and separative powers of its parts and the indisputable evidence that it gives of results achieved has been installed. This plant is capable of distilling over a thousand gallons of water a day. Everybody knows of the impurities of ordinary drinking water, but to visit the works of the Pure Water Process Co. and see Yan Yean flowing into a tank and, after treatment, discharging through separate pipes into large transparent vessels-one of crystal purity and the other a browney yellow, is something of a revelation. The reason for the difference in the coloring of the two streams is that one is pure water-containing only hydrogen and oxygen-and the other contains the mineral impurities, solid liquid and gaseous, which all ordinary drinking water contains. Long ago it was enacted in this State that only water which has undergone a refining process should be used for medical prescriptions. Several of the larger chemists have installed miniature plants, which provide a sufficient supply of distilled water. Other chemists filter their water, and when distilled water is absolutely imperative they may obtain a small supply from Felton, Grimwade. The plant of the new company is, however, so comprehensive that they will be able to meet customers on a much better basis, the distilled product being sold at sixpence a gallon.

In this connection it is a matter of common knowledge that where it is required to produce infusions from substances by percolation or solution, the purer the water employed the greater the efficiency. Where the true and unadulterated flavor and properties of its ingredients are required in a preparation, the use of a pure distilled water is imperative, for without this medium it is very difficult to obtain these results. Thus tea, coffee and carbonated beverages are vastly superior in flavor if made with a properly distilled water, and many chemical preparations undergo pernicious reactions when mixed with foreign matter present in impure water. Motor-car owners will especially appreciate the opportunity that is now given to them of obtaining water free from impurities for their radiators. Its advantage will be manifest. There are other directions, too, where distilled water works an immense improvement, notably in the manufacture of artificial ice and for toilet and bathing purposes. It is claimed that distilled water is superior to any known cosmetic. Large manufactories in America have realised the beneficial and health giving effects of distilled water, and in many instances special plants have been erected to supply the needs of the employes. These will come in Australia. With such a large capacity plant, the controlling company have, very naturally, looked around to turn the product to best advantage. No better medium could have been found than the one adopted. In conjunction with the water distillery a completely new and thoroughly hygienic plant for the making of aerated drinks and cordials has been erected. With summer knocking at our doors, these crystal, refreshing drinks should be highly popular.

The company will deliver the distilled water in one-gallon jars to any address in Richmond and Prahran district, and the summer drinks to the order of shopkeepers. Lemonade; ginger ale, kola champagne, ginger beer, with raspberry, lemon and all cordials, will be made and supplied. Another new product on the Melbourne market is the company’s special drink, “Picante.” This is the Mexican name for “hot,” and is a drink which was very popular in Cuba, where the manager of the new company was erecting distilling plants when the present war intervened and determined the contracts. The price of the new “Pure Water and Summer Drinks” will be as cheap as that of any other soft drink. It is an opportunity for residents to show their appreciation and themselves benefit by giving a healthy preference to the Pure Process summer drinks.

PURE WATER PROCESS CO AQUA PURA. (1917, November 24). Richmond Guardian (Vic. : 1917 – 1918), p. 2. Retrieved April 13, 2015, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article93813556

At Eleven O’clock. On the Premises,
REAR of 470 CHAPEL STREET, SOUTH YARRA (Off Wilson Street),
Near Australian Jam Factory,

Distilling Plant (Dunn’s 3-Multiple Effect Evaporating System), Steam Pumps,
8-H.P. Return Multi-tubular Boiler (100lb. W.P.), Kochendorfer 6-Head Rotary
Bottling Machine, Gasometer and Generator, Automatic Carbonating Machine
(60 Gallons Per Hour), Hand-racking Machine, Corrugated Iron Tanks
(300 and 600 Gallons), Washing Trough, Steriliser and Rinser, Filter, Pestle
and Mortar Measures, Small Scales, Large Quantity of Bottles, Sulp. Acid,
Bicarb. Soda, Varied Essences, and Sundries.
Under Instructions from The Pure-Water Process

J. W. STYLES and SON, Machinery Auctioneers (Special Dept.),
361 Collins Street. Tel. Cent 4206. 

Classified Advertising. (1918, October 5). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 2.
Retrieved April 14, 2015, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article1409444

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