ABCR Auction 48

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This auction ended on 30 April 2022 11:00 am

Antique Bottles, Codds, Ginger Beers, Poisons, Pot Lids, Pottery, Breweriana, Garagenalia, Tins and much more. Features more from the Votava Collection and the first lots from the late Ernie Taylor's Collection. Important Items including: Kent's Brisbane square lip Torpedo. Dark Green Cahill, Hill End Torpedo Recently discovered Pink sample Soda Syphon from E. Rowlands. Double stamped Burrett / T. Field Ginger Beer. Green Top Edwards & Murphy Rockhampton Ginger Beer. Rare Codds including Rowlands Codd/Reliance patent Tindall, Beaconsfield with Locomotive trade mark Higginson Royal from Brisbane and J. C. Andrews Four towns including Pitfield Plains and Smythesdale. A large range of exceptional "Goldfields" era bottles. Thorn, Newmarket Hotel, Albury Demijohn. and many, many more!
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