Lot 7: Codd. Eclipse, Kalgoorlie. All Way Pour. 6 oz. (Western Australia)

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Eclipse / Aerated Water / Trade (Royal Eagle) Mark / And Ice / Manufacturing Co Ltd / Kalgoorlie. Base mark: M. (Western Australia). Aerated Water. Codd. Applied top. All way pour. Aqua. 7 oz. 187 mm. 1900s

Very Good. (7.1). Tiny nick to lower front lip. Left inner lip has a short line that is either a fold or a surface annealing mark. Little impact to front chamber. Another nick to front left chamber, below this is a deep pitted scratch. 10 x 5 mm shallow flake to front upper body. Has had a light polish just to shine it up a little, all the detail remains. Surface crazing scattered around. A few little fisheyes. Some minor scuffs and scratches. I thought we had sold plenty of these, but turns out we haven't sold many at all, the vast majority have been the ones with Registered written on the front as well, and no Ltd on them like this one. Quite a scarce variety comparatively.. Estimate: $50-75
Codd. Eclipse, Kalgoorlie. All Way Pour. 6 oz. (Western Australia)
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