Lot 91: Ginger Beer. Weaver, Hobart. Blue Lip. Champagne. (Tasmania)

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Weaver & Co / Dandelion / Hobart. Potters stamp: Pinnacle / Brand. (Tasmania). Ginger Beer. Cork Stoppered. Blue lip, off white body with black print. 13 oz. 220 mm. 1900s

Good. (6.7). Lip is great with patchy glaze colours, as made. 20 x 9 mm kiln kiss to front right from making, short dark scratch or maybe a hairline above this. Little potter blow out to lower right. Some discolouration scattered around. There is a repair to the left base edge of unknown dimensions, it is a great job. The paintwork does not cover a large area, so doesn't look like major works.. Estimate: $75-100
Ginger Beer. Weaver, Hobart. Blue Lip. Champagne. (Tasmania)
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