Lot 204: Sydney Newcastle Barrett Patent Stick Stoppered Bottles

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Three Stick Bottles: 1. Moore / Trade / (Rampant Lion) / Mark // Newcastle / (Around base) Alfred Alexander & Co Makers London. Smooth base. 2 & 3. Both Barrett & Co Sydney. 1. Lumb & Co Maker Castleford. 2. Buckingham Street, J. Ross, Glass Bottle Works, Maker Sydney. (New South Wales) (McRae Collection) Aerated Water Patent Hogben & Barrett's patent. Stick Bottle. Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 239, 235 & 232 mm. 1870s-1880s

1. Very Good. Polished. Dull inside with some stain still. Embossing has been rounded (looks like quite an early polish job). Dull on the base. Attractive variety. 2. Lumb made one is Very Good. Polished. Small chip at the back base edge. Some haze inside. General scratches and scuffs. 3. The Ross made one is Very Good. Nice dark aqua. Hazy. A bit scuffy and scratched. Crude. Nice pair of bottles. Grade: N/A Estimate: $80 - 120
Sydney Newcastle Barrett Patent Stick Stoppered Bottles
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