Lot 224: Old Vintage Soda Syphons

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Sold for A$90

Pair of Soda Syphons: 1. Tooheys Limited, Sydney. 2. NSW Aerated Water Pty Limited, Newcastle. Both have original stamped tops. (New South Wales) (McRae Collection) Aerated Water Soda Syphon Round. Clear. 30 oz. 242 & 239 mm without metal spouts. 1910s-1930s

Both Very Good. Some soda stain, scratches and scuffs. The NSW one is crazily heavy, don't know if they are all like this but the base seems to be double the thickness it should be! Nice pair of soda syphons. Grade: N/A Estimate: $40 - 60
Old Vintage Soda Syphons
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