Lot 225: Old Vintage Soda Syphons

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Sold for A$25

Pair of Soda Syphons: Both Boon Spa Pty Ltd Melbourne with slightly different prints, one with print at the back. Plain plastic & impressed metal tops (Victoria) Aerated Water Soda Syphon Regent & St James. Clear. 40 oz. 325 mm with plastic spout. 270 mm without metal spout.. 1930s+

Both Very Good+. The Regent shape (with metal top) has soda stain inside and minor marks. The St James is Excellent with only minor marks apart from a shallow chip off the mid back to the molded decoration. Nice pair of vintage soda syphons. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 50
Old Vintage Soda Syphons
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