Lot 306: Peony Rose Grasses Wine Jug Vietnamese Chinese

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Sold for A$120

Rounded jug with Blue Peony Rose & Grasses decoration over white slip glaze. Tie loops and unusual top. Chinese Blue and White Rounded jug. Blue & White. Four tie loops around top. 191 mm. 19th Century

Excellent. Does have stain and crazing. A small base edge chip of about 8 x 3 mm. 3 x 3 mm flake on the lip. Some scratches and wear around the body. Fits in to what Bottle Collectors broadly call "Chinese" pottery but we have been advised the shape and the style of painting suggests this is Vietnamese from the mid to late 19th Century. A really nice piece of stoneware. Grade: 8 Estimate: $150 - 200
Peony Rose Grasses Wine Jug Vietnamese Chinese
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