Lot 171: 10 MacRobertsons Tins. Mostly Floral scenes.

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Sold for A$80

1. MacRobertsons Clematis Chocolate Assortment tin. 2. MacRobertsons Tiger Lily Toffee Assortment tin. 3 & 4. Two MacRobertsons tins. Both with Roses. Oblong & Round. 5. (Deer running, forest scene). Inner Lid: "Sylvan" Assortment Made by MacRobertson. The Great Name in Confectionery. 6. (Flowers with fancy patterns around). MacRobertson Floral Tin of Toffees. 7. (Hibiscus Flowers). Hibiscus Chocolate & Toffee Assortment. Made by MacRobertson. MacRobertson, Melbourne, Australia. 8. (Koala with Bushland & Beach scene). MacRobertson. 9. MacRobertson Springtime Tin of Toffees. Mac. Robertson Pty. Ltd. Melbourne Australia. 10. MacRobertson's Desert Flower Chocolate Assortment. Mac. Robertson Pty. Ltd. Melbourne - Australia. (Victoria) (late Ern Taylor Collection). Tins. Sweets. Various Various. 1930s - 1960s

N/A. (N/A). 1. Solid but heavy wear spots to the upper corners. Scratches and some rust spots coming through the lid. 2. Good shape. A few scratches. Scuffs and wear. Dust and grime. 3 & 4. Both in good shape. Some fading. Dust and grime. Scratches and wear. 5. Rough. The body of the tin is very battered and worn. Lid has some rust showing through. Dust and grime. 6. The lid/face is faded. Scratches and wear. Dust and grime. 7. Has some sticker marks on it. A few scratches. Pretty good overall. Nice colour. 8. Nice looking tin. Some scratches and marks. Minor dents and the like. Dust and grime. 9. Dusty and grimy on top. Some little dents, scratches and marks. Nice tin. 10. Nice clean tin. A few scratches and scuffs. Small marks. Nice tin. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $50-100
10 MacRobertsons Tins. Mostly Floral scenes.
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