Lot 189: 24 Porcelain Insulators. Mostly U1154. Made in England. NZ. Occupied Japan. Made in Japan. (Australia)

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Sold for A$15

1. - 12. (1950 around an Insulator Logo) / Made in England. (U1154). 13. - 15. NZI / 6 - 84 / M2287. (U1154). 16. NZI / 8 - 84 / M2287. (U1154). 17. Made in Occupied Japan / (K in a Diamond) / 48 / N. (U1154). 18. & 19. 1963 / Nippo / Made in Japan. (U1154). 20. Triangle with circle and Dot / 50 / Made in Japan. (U1154). 21. Triangle with circle and Dot / 55 / Made in Japan. (U1154). 22. Doulton / 51 impressed in top. (U1154). 23. R. F. Ltd / 56 faintly printed on top. (U1154). 24. No markings. (U1521 or similar). (late Ern Taylor Collection). Insulator. Various. Mixed Porcelain Insulators 123 - 133 mm. 20th Century

N/A. (N/A). Range from Good to EXC. Notes: 1. Dark scrapes and scratches to the back. Flake on the top. 2. Impact and fractures down around the bottom of the skirt. Only light marks otherwise. 3. Just some minor marks. 4. Dark scrape to one side. A few flakes and marks. 5. A few making marks. Some small scuffs. 6. A bit of stain. Minor marks. 7. Couple of little flakes around the top. Minor marks and some stain. 8. Just minor marks. Nice clean one. 9. Small flakes and chips on the top. Some minor marks elsewhere. 10. Dark scrapes and marks around the top. The odd flake. 11. A mark or two around. Some stain. 12. A short dark scrape or two. Some minor marks. 13. Just light scuffs and marks. 14. A few scrapes and minor marks. 15. Just fairly light wear. A small scrape or two. 16. Dark scrape. Rust stain and deep scratches into the glaze to the front and left. 17. Some stain including small rust stain spots scattered around. Minor marks. 18. Some stain. Quite crude with bubbles in the glaze. Very dirty inside. 19. Couple of impacts and cracks up the side and back. Deep scratch to the top. Some stain and other marks. 20. Stain. A few short dark scratches. 21. Nice one with just minor marks. 22. Just minor marks around. 23. Still has wire around the middle. A few little scuffs and marks. 24. Chip at the bottom of the skirt. Dark scrape to the side. Fracture inside the skirt. Interesting one, could even be a bit earlier. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $30-60
24 Porcelain Insulators. Mostly U1154. Made in England. NZ. Occupied Japan. Made in Japan. (Australia)
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