Lot 261: Three Cordials: Arthur Stirling; Cawsey Menck; W. H. Watson, West Maitland.

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1. (Fancy Geometric Pattern) // This bottle always remains the property of / Arthur Stirling & Co / Cordial Manufacturers Sydney N. S. W. / Its use by others is illegal // (Fancy Geometric Pattern) // -. No Base Mark. (New South Wales) 2. Cawsey Menck / & Cos / OKO Cordials. Fancy pattern around body, shoulder and neck. Dot to centre of base. (Victoria) 3. Embossed around base edge: This bottle is the property of W. H. Watson & Co West Maitland (WHW Monogram) / Trade Mark. Base AGM / S / T470. (New South Wales). Household. Cordial. 1. Square. Sloping shoulder. Spun finished top. Aqua. 26 oz. 2. Applied top, spun finish. Aqua. 26 oz. 3. Shouldered cylinder. Barley twist neck. Crown Seal. Seam through lip. Aqua. 26 oz. 265, 303 & 304 mm. 1910s - 1930s

N/A. (N/A). 1. EXC. Some light inner dirty haze down the writing side, this may clean up a little, or even a lot! Couple of long scratches to blank panel are quite light. A few other minor scratches and a little spot of wear or two. Brilliant embossing has no marks. A great example! 2. VG. A few little inner lip splits from making. Open bubble to front left shoulder. Lower left on embossed design near base edge is an impact mark that has a fine surface fracture from it over about 10 mm. Short pitted scratch to left rear base edge. A few fisheyes and impact marks. Some spots of wear to the embossed design and a few slivers. Flaked area to embossing to mid right. Some scratches and scuffs. Lovely bubbles throughout and a nice colour, quite a good looking bottle all round. 3. Good. Really little flake to front right outer lip crown. Hazy. Some fisheyes and impact marks. 13 x 6 mm bruise to base edge below the trade mark. Plenty of scuffs and scratches throughout. Unusual bottle.. Estimate: $60-100
Three Cordials: Arthur Stirling; Cawsey Menck; W. H. Watson, West Maitland.
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