Lot 51: Two Soda Syphons: Coo-ee Cordials & W. Rockliff. (Tasmania)

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Sold for A$70

1. (Star) / Soda / Coo-ee / Water / (Star) / Contents 30 Fl. ozs. / This syphon remains the property / of Cooee Cordials Pty. Ltd. and / its use by others is illegal / British Syphon Company Limited. Base mark: 2X. Original plastic spout marked: Cooee Cordials Pty Ltd, Tasmania. 2. W. Rockliff / Trade / W. R. / Mark. / Burnie / British Syphon Co. London // This syphon is the / property of / W. Rockliff. Burnie. / and cannot legally / be used by others. Base mark: Hot Air Balloon. Original spout marked W. Rockliff, Burnie. (Tasmania). Aerated Water. Soda Syphon. Fluted syphon & Tapered fluted. Clear. 30 oz. 245 mm & 314 mm with spout. 1920s - 1950s

N/A. (N/A). 1. EXC. Spout comes off to reveal no lip damage. Some moisture residue internally. A few nicks and impacts to the ribs. A few fine fisheyes. Some fine scratches and minor marks. This is different to the last one that we sold. 2. Good. Still full, we have not removed the spout for this reason. We presume the lip is fine. A few nicks around the shoulder and some fisheyes. Heavy nibbled wear and flakes around the ribs around the lower body and base edge. Some small flakes to the ribs as well. Quite scratched around the lower wide part of the body. Some other scratches and scuffs. We won;t be able to send this with the contents.. Estimate: $40-60
Two Soda Syphons: Coo-ee Cordials & W. Rockliff. (Tasmania)
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