Lot 59: Soda Syphon. Clear. 30 oz. Crothers, Yarrawonga.

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Sold for A$50

Very Good (7.6). Spout is tightly on and we have not removed it. Interesting it has a blue straw as I've now seen at least three of these with this feature so seems to have been something that Crothers used themselves. Scuffs and wear around. Little marks on the raised ridges and some impacts and the like around the shoulder. A bit of liquid inside but can still see that there is some soda stain. Nice looking syphon. EST: $40 - 60.

J. M. Crothers / Soda (JMC Monogram) Water / Yarrawonga / Soda Water / British Syphon Co. Ltd. London // This syphon is the / property of / J. M. Crothers / and cannot legally be / used by others. Base: D in a Triangle / Rg. No 699553. Metal spout impressed: J. M. Crothers Yarrawonga. (Victoria) Regent Shape. Clear. Cobalt Blue Straw. Seam through lip. 30 oz. 304 mm with metal spout. 1937.

Soda Syphon. Clear. 30 oz. Crothers, Yarrawonga.
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