Lot 80: Torpedo. Dixon's, Rosslyn Street, Melbourne. Aqua. 10 oz.

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Dixon's / Aerated Waters // Rosslyn Street / Melbourne. No makers mark. (Victoria) Aerated Water, Torpedo Applied top. Aqua. 10 oz. 228 mm 1870s

Excellent (8). Lip and neck up from Melbourne have white large inclusions, but no fractures from them. Some annealing marks to inner lip. A little light inner haze in places. Patch of surface rust at shoulder. Some little open bubbles, a couple have dirt in them. Small dull patch or two. Some scuffs and scratches scattered around. Couple of lightly pitted scratches. This is quite an early version, I reckon not far off the earlier Flagstaff Hill versions. I don't recall seeing one of these before with the four lines of writing and Rosslyn Street on it! Rare bottle. Estimate: $200-250
Torpedo. Dixon's, Rosslyn Street, Melbourne.  Aqua. 10 oz.
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