Lot 68: Torpedo. Charles Cole, Geelong. Aqua. 10 oz. (Victoria)

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Charles Cole / Trade (Heron & Fish) Mark / Geelong // M. G. B. Co. (Victoria) (late Ern Taylor Collection). Aerated Water. Torpedo. Torpedo. Applied top. Aqua. 13 oz. 232 mm. 1890s

Excellent. (8.5). This is a lovely shiny example with just a few scratches and scuffs around. Line through the ON of Geelong is a fold from manufacture. Fleabite on the left lip. There is a burst bubble inside the base point and this has a tiny piece of loose glass in it but this would have been there since it was made. Great looking bottle. (late Ern Taylor Collection).. Estimate: $80-120
Torpedo. Charles Cole, Geelong. Aqua. 10 oz.  (Victoria)
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