Lot 135: McAlpine Soft Drinks Albury Ceramic Label Bottle

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Sold for A$45

Make Mine... / 26 Fl. Oz. / Alpine / Peak of Perfection // McAlpine / Soft Drinks / This bottle remains / the property of / McAlpine Industries, Albury. / And cannot legally be / used by others. / Preservative added / Artificially Coloured / and flavoured. Base Mark: (Modern AGM monogram) M / A / 27 / 5 / 1368. (New South Wales) Aerated Water Crown Seal Machine made. Clear. Blue and White Label. 26 oz. 277 mm. 1960s

Very Good. A bit dirty. Some scuffs and scratches. A few little fisheyes. Maybe just a little fading to the blue parts of the label. This is different to the one other example that we have sold. Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $20 - 30
McAlpine Soft Drinks Albury Ceramic Label Bottle
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