Lot 194: Short Son Gympie Airship Antique Lamont Bottle

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Sold for A$360

Short & Son / Trade (Airship with Semper - Idem) Mark / Registered 8/92 / Above all others / Gympie. Base Mark: S & S. (Queensland) Aerated Water Lamont Applied top, tooled finish. Aqua. 13 oz. 220 mm. 1900s

Good. Most interestingly, the registered date is supposed to be 8/92 I am guessing, but both the 9 and 2 are reversed! Nibbled flake to inner rear lip has an associated discoloured and fractured bruise over about 10 x 4 mm. Little flake to base heel. Dull throughout. This has scuffs and scratches all over. Some little impact marks and tiny fisheyes. Some inner light stain. Embossing does have some wear in places and some nibbled spots. A decent example of a rare lamont, the first we have ever offered. Grade: 6.8 Estimate: $300 - 500
Short Son Gympie Airship Antique Lamont Bottle
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