Lot 206: Davies Sandhurst Etched Soda Syphon

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Sold for A$40

T. Davies & Co / Trade Mark / (Knight on Horseback) / Registered / Sandhurst. Base Mark: Pontil. Spout is from Mullens Cordials, Newcastle. (Victoria) Aerated Water Soda Syphon Round Soda Syphon. Amethyst. 30 oz. 240 mm. 1880s

Very Good. No straw in the spout, which is not original. Some soda residue staining, this has been oiled. Scattered scuffs and scratches. Impact flake to rear base heel. Some flakes to the polished pontil area are from making. A few tiny impact marks. Lovely, light pink colour. Grade: 7.3 Estimate: $20 - 40
Davies Sandhurst Etched Soda Syphon
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