Lot 212: Colac Aerated Water Company Soda Syhon

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Sold for A$160

Colac Aerated Water Co / Soda Water / Colac. Phone 95 / British Syphon Co. LTd. London / Regd No 762. No base mark. Metal top impressed: Colac Aerated Water Co. (Victoria) Aerated Water Soda Syphon Wide fluted tapered type. Clear. 30 oz. 255 mm. 1930s

Very Good. Metal top is quite flaked and poor, it has no tube inside. Typically hazy internally. Typically nibbled and flaked around the wide part of the ribs around the lower body region. Scattered fisheyes and impact marks. Scuffs and scratches throughout from use over the years. Some little nibbled flakes to the ribs down the body as well. We have sold several Colac Aerated Water syphons in the past, never this type though! Grade: 7.1 Estimate: $50 - 75
Colac Aerated Water Company Soda Syhon
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