Lot 254: Old Antique Torpedo Bottles Soft Dirnk

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Three Torpedos: 1. Webb's / Double Soda / & other waters // to her Majesty / Islington / London. No makers mark. 2. J. Schweppe & Co / 51 Berners Street / Oxford Street // Genuine Superior / Aerated Waters. 3. Strawson & Co / Chemists // Liverpool. No makers mark. (United Kingdom) Aerated Water Torpedo Applied top. Blob & Square lips. Aqua. 10 oz. 237, 225 & 235 mm. 1860s-1870s

1. Very Good. Stained throughout. Little nibbled mark to base point. Couple of pitted areas which are small. Milky fractured bubble towards base point. Some scratches and a few fisheyes. Stain is a bit opalescent in places. 2. Fair. Chips and flakes around the upper lip. These have been ground back. Stained throughout with some etching. Pit marks throughout, looks like some preparatory work has been done for a rough polish to minimise these. Shallow open bubble or two. 3. Good. Polished. Remains of some etching. A few little nicks to the lip, some possible very minor lip work has been done to minimise these marks. Still slightly dull. Remains of some pitted marks to the embossing. Crude and early bottle, oddly laid out embossing on the Strawson side, looks like a third line of writing has been removed. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Old Antique Torpedo Bottles Soft Dirnk
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