Lot 342: Whyte Bendigo Impressed Stoneware Demijohn

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Sold for A$80

1/- / D. Whyte & Co / Wine & Spirit Merchants / Pall Mall / Bendigo. (Victoria) Demijohn Impressed Two tone, tan top, off white body. Impressed. 1/2 Gallon. 240 mm. 1900s

Good. Handle has been replaced. A few chips around the outer lip have been repaired. Dint to right body has a small hairline in it. Some glaze wear and scratches scattered around. Little glaze nick or two. This is the first of these that we have sold in this size, with the price and from Bendigo. Notice the 1 used in place of an I in Wine, and the mish mash of type used for Spirit. Crude item. Grade: 6 Estimate: $40 - 60
Whyte Bendigo Impressed Stoneware Demijohn
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