Lot 355: Fowler Sydney Advertising Stone Demijohn

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Sold for A$2,816

R. Fowler / Est. 1837 / Bristol and / Stoneware / Manufacturer / Sydney. Impressed at shoulder: R. Fowler Ltd / 36 / Sydney. (New South Wales) Demijohn Printed Internal Thread. Tan Top. Black Print. Half Gallon. 258 mm. 1930s

Excellent. The whole surface has these shiny small marks that look to be from making. Some crazing and the like as well. There is an odd little scrape or two and a small amount of discolouration under the base. We've seen ginger beers with this print (we had one way back in Auction 3) but this is the first Fowler advertising Demijohn we recall seeing. Lovely in the small size as well. A wonderful rare piece. Grade: 8.4 Estimate: $1000 - 1500
Fowler Sydney Advertising Stone Demijohn
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