Lot 911: Pottery Vases

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Four Vases: 1. Two pink vases with applied flowers. 2. Wide vase: Mary had a little lamb. No potters mark. 3. Ornate handled vase with angels. Base Mark: R. Capodimonte / Italy. Pottery Various Various 190 - 168 mm. 1940s

1. Both Near Mint. A few tiny nicks to the flowers. Some minor wear to outer rim. Some fine scratches. A bit of crazing. Some grime. These have a lustreware appearance to the glaze in places. 2. Near Mint. Crazing throughout. Left edge has a kiln kiss. A little grime. 3. Mint. Small spot of stain or two. Barely a scratch. This is NOT Capodimonte porcelain from the 1700s! Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 70
Pottery Vases
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