Lot 927: Sample Roses Cordial Bottles

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Pair of Sample Roses Cordials: 1. Rose & Co / Vines, Branches & Fruit design. Smooth base. 2. L. Rose & Co Ltd / Vines, Branches & Fruit design. Original label, capsule & contents. Base: 1044 / 1. Sample/Miniature Various 1. Tool finished top. Black (Dark Purple). 1 oz. 2. Clear. Seam through lip. 1 oz. 121 & 111 mm. 1890s & 1940s+

The old and the new! The Black one is Very Good. But part of the lower rim of the top at the back has been chipped and filled, this is over about 10 x 3 mm. Also a fleabite on the lip. A tiny flake at the base edge. Minor marks elsewhere. The later one is Near Mint. Some very minor marks but basically as it was made. Nice pair of bottles. Grade: N/A Estimate: $100 - 150
Sample Roses Cordial Bottles
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