Lot 959: Helmers Sohn Ribbon Seal Bitters Bottle

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W. N. Helmers Ww & Sohn. Deep punt to base. (Hamburg, Germany) Spirits Liqueur Applied top. Applied ribbon seal. Amber. 26 oz. 275 mm. 1850s

Very Good. Polished. 3 x 3 mm shallow flake to mid front neck. Shallow burst bubble to inner mid body. A few inclusions. Some swirls of dark amber glass to lower rear. Remains of some scuffs and scratches. Helmers won an award for their anisette, I wonder if that is what this contained? Regardless, this is a very rare bottle, I have never seen one before and do keep a close eye on ribbon seals. Grade: 7.6 Estimate: $750 - 1000
Helmers Sohn Ribbon Seal Bitters Bottle
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