Lot 131: Ecks Melbourne Ceramic Label Soft Drink Bottles

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Pair of Ecks Bottles: 1. ECKS / 1942 // This bottle / is the / property of ECKS MELBOURNE LIMITED. Base: Modern AGM Monogram / L170 / M / small impressed backwards E18. 2. ECKS embossed amongst the fancy pattern at the shoulder / (Print) Serve Icy Cold / (Panda looking down at his glass while pouring a drink) / Ecks / Family Size - 26 ozs. / None Better // Bottle remains the property of / the manufacturer, Ecks Pty. Ltd., / 1 Simmons St., South Yarra, Victoria / Don't lose your bottle deposit / return me quickly / Nett contents 26 FL. OZS. Base: Modern AGM Monogram 1 / 8 9 / (small impressed 50) / ISM - 663. (Victoria) Aerated Water Crown Seal 1. Champagne. Seam through lip. Amber. 26 oz. 2. Rounded Champagne with fancy embossed shoulder. Seam through lip. Clear. Black & White Ceramic label print. 26 oz. 298 & 277 mm. 1940s-1960s

1. Excellent. Light scuffs and scratches. Hadn't noticed the date on the front of these before but this has definitely been changed in the mould - nicely matches up with the small impressed mark under the base. 2. Very Good. Wear mark in the lower middle of the front print, otherwise the print is very bold with bright colours. The wide point of the shoulder is nibbled and worn. Some haze but also bottle is just a bit grimy. Nice bottle. Grade: N/A Estimate: $20 - 30
Ecks Melbourne Ceramic Label Soft Drink Bottles
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