Lot 55: Colac Aerated Water Codd Marble Bottle

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Sold for A$590

Colac Aerated Water Co / Geo. Hay / Prop. / Phone 95 // Soda Water. Base: M. (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Dobson or Four way type. Spun finished top. Aqua. 6 oz. 198 mm. 1910s-1920s

Very Good. A bit scuffy. Fine 5 x 4 mm bruise on the inner and top back lip. Bit of internal stain. Wear to high points of seams and embossing. Would clean up better but quite a nice example as it is. Very hard to get. Grade: 7.5 Estimate: $70 - 100
Colac Aerated Water Codd Marble Bottle
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