Lot 999: Old Antique Wine Bottles

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Pair of Wine botles: 1. Societa Operaia / (Handshake / Clasped Hands) / Maurizio Canavese. Punt to base. (Italy) 2. Early plain Champagne. Deep punt with pontil scar to base. Wine Various 1. Tall cylinder. Applied wide ring seal top and applied seal. Dark Red. 26 oz. 2. Champagne. Stretched neck with crudely finished top and ring around upper neck. Deep punt to base. Olive Green. 26 oz. 315 & 290 mm. Late 1800s-1900s & 1830s-1840s

1. Very Good. Lip has a shallow chipped/marked area over about 15 x 5 mm. 12 x 3 mm chip to the bottom of the seal and a 7 x 3 mm chip to the side of the seal. Scratches all around. Stunning colour and a nice pictorial seal. From Northern Italy. 2. Excellent. Just a plain champagne but a lovely early one. Some scratches and a bit of wear. Still dirty in places. A nice old bottle. Grade: N/A Estimate: $70 - 100
Old Antique Wine Bottles
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