Lot 45: Harrison Fitzroy Codd Old Bottle

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Sold for A$76

R. Harrison / (RH monogram) // Fitzroy / (RH monogram). Around heel: Made by the Melbour // ne Glass Bottle Co. Base Mark: (RH Monogram). (Victoria) Aerated Water Codd Applied top. Bulge style all way pour. Aqua. 13 oz. 222 mm. 1890s

Very Good. Polished. Some copper in the lip groove, even a piece of blue glass or two. Still a bit hazy in places. Plenty of pitted marks scattered around. Some fisheyes and impact marks, scuffs and scratches. Lower lip is a bit nibbled on one side. A few spots of wear. Really heavy embossing has some wear to the high points, but is pretty good overall. Grade: 7 Estimate: $20 - 40
Harrison Fitzroy Codd Old Bottle
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