Lot 192: 12 Porcelain Insulators. U1502. 3 unmarked. 9 with FB; RF & other markings. (Australia)

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1. J1683 impressed in top and 13E inside the skirt. (U1502) 2. F B / 36. (U1502) 3. F B / 37. (U1502) 4. No markings. (U1502) 5. F. B. / 38. (U1502) 6. F B / 35. (U1502) 7. F B / 37. (U1502) 8. Unmarked. (U1502) 9. Unmarked. (U1503) 10. R. F. Ltd / 34 // small symbol impressed inside the skirt. (U1502) 11. R. F. Ltd / 35 // small L or similar impressed to the inner bottom of the skirt. (U1502) 12. R. F. Ltd / 39. (U1502) (late Ern Taylor Collection). Insulator. Various. Mixed Porcelain Insulators 130 - 139 mm. 20th Century

N/A. (N/A). 1. EXC. A couple of making indents and marks. The odd tiny scrape and scratch. Some dirt and stain inside. 2. EXC. Does have dark scrapes to one side. Dirt inside. Some chips to the bottom of the thread. 3. EXC. But does have some small chips and flakes scattered around. Glaze wear on the bottom. 4. EXC. Small chip or two at the bottom of the skirt. Light wear. 5. EXC. Light wear and marks mixed in with some manufacturing marks. 6. EXC. Quite a different glaze to this one and has bluish print. Some marks and wear. Little flakes. 7. VG. Hairline to the skirt (visible inside and out) and cracks to the petticoat section. Minor marks otherwise. 8. EXC. Actually looks like it may have a very faint impressed B or similar in the mid top. Some manufacturing marks. Deep J shaped scratch to one side of the skirt. 9. VG. Thick wire rub marks to the middle. Some scuffs and scratches. Dirt inside. 10. EXC. Small chip at the bottom of the skirt. Only light marks otherwise. 11. EXC. A few small scuffs and scratches around. Minor marks generally. 12. EXC. Some green copper stain around the top of the skirt. Minor marks. Dirty inside. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $20-40
12 Porcelain Insulators. U1502. 3 unmarked. 9 with FB; RF & other markings. (Australia)
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