Lot 200: Group of five Nutmeg Lamps. 1 x Cobalt; 1 x Milk Glass; 3 x Clear.

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Sold for A$40

Nutmeg on front of all. No makers marks. One clear one with a very corroded burner on top. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Lamps. Various. Small round table lamps. Shear lips. 76 - 78 mm diameters. Late 1800s - 1900s

N/A. (N/A). Milk and Cobalt ones are Very Good. Minor marks around. The blue one looks like it is far more chipped around the top but it is hard to know with these as the top would have still been under the burner. One clear one is more cleaned than the others but has a 30 mm fracture across the back shoulder. Stain and wear otherwise. Another of the clear ones is very dirty and stained. Had the corroded burner tightly attached. There are at least a couple of crack and some small bruises in this one and probably more with the rust cleaned off. The final clear one looks ok. There is copper stain around it and a thin burst bubble over the back shoulder but no obvious cracks or bruises. Nice group overall. (late Ern Taylor Collection). Estimate: $40-60
Group of five Nutmeg Lamps. 1 x Cobalt; 1 x Milk Glass; 3 x Clear.
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