Lot 21: 3 small Ceramic Label Crown Seals. Moyles Mixer Drinks. Hall's Dry Ginger and Goudies. (South Australia)

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1. (Outline of a bottle pouring into a fizzing glass) / Moyles / Mixer / Drinks / Net Contents 6 FL OZS // Soda Water / Dry Ginger Ale / Tonic Water / Bitter Lemon. No base mark. (Port Pirie, South Australia) 2. Hall's / dry ginger / Hall's / dry / ginger / 185 ml // This bottle / remains the / property of / Geo Hall & Sons Ltd / Norwood. S A / Preservative Added / F13. Small shoulder embossing: A-63 2 Modern AGM Monogram. Base: P7 impressed. (South Australia) 3. Embossed Goudies in circles on both shoulders with thick raised lines between the circles. Print: Its / Goudies / its Good // This bottle remains / the property of / R. W. Goudie Ltd. / Peterborough, S. A. / Artificially Coloured / Preservative Added. Base: Modern AGM Monogram / A1529 / A. (South Australia). Aerated Water. Crown Seal. 1. Champagne. Seam through lip. Clear. Yellow & Black Print. 6 oz. 2. Champagne. Slightly raised shoulder and base edge. Seam through lip. Clear. Brown & White label. 185 ml. 3. Champagne. Fancy pattern around neck, raised edge around base. Seam through lip. Clear. Blue & White print. 6 oz. 198, 192 & 194 mm. 1960s - 1970s

N/A. (N/A). 1. EXC. Some dirt and grime inside the base. 14 mm scratch across the front left shoulder. Scuff down the front neck and shoulder. Just light marks elsewhere. Lovely bright print with only minor marks. 2. EXC. Crate wear type scratches up and down. Some marks to the print and slight fading in spots. Lovely little bottle. 3. VG. Should clean up better. Stain to the lower front right including over part of the print. Wear, in particular around the shoulder with flakes on the raised decoration and circles. Print looks nice and bright with contrast between the two different blues used. Nice little bottle. Estimate: $50-100
3 small Ceramic Label Crown Seals. Moyles Mixer Drinks. Hall's Dry Ginger and Goudies. (South Australia)
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