Lot 72: 6 Green MBCV Crown Seal Beers. 26 oz. (Victoria)

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All embossed: (M. B / C. V in a Spade shape) / The Property of / (around base) The Manufacturers Bottle Co. of Victoria Pty. Ltd. (Victoria). Beer. Various. Champagne. Spun finished tops. Varying shades of Green. 26 oz. 295 - 318 mm. 1910s - 1920s

N/A. (N/A). Generally VG+. One of the longer neck ones has a chip to the front lip. The pale emerald one (the shortest one too) has a small chip to the back lip. The yellowish, amberish one is stained all over. Typical scuffs and marks amongst them. Nice group, all are somewhat different but not major variations in general. Estimate: $30-60
6 Green MBCV Crown Seal Beers. 26 oz. (Victoria)
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