Lot 209: Abbott Launceston Blue Vintage Soda Syphon

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M. E. Abbott / Champion / Prize Medal / Aerated Waters / (Medals, Phoenix, Medals) / Registered Trade Mark / Launceston. / British Syphon Co. London / This syphon is the property of / M. E. Abbott & must be returned. Smooth base. Metal top from Abbott's / Tasmania. (Tasmania) Aerated Water Soda Syphon Round. Mid Blue. 30 oz. 300 mm. 1900s

Good. The top is firmly stuck in place so we cannot verify that the lip is fine, we only presume so. Some contents residue staining. 24 x 13 mm chip to the pedestal base at the front just off to the left. A few other little flakes and fisheyes to base edge. Small impact flake to front shoulder. Surface flake to rear body. Scuffs and scratches scattered around. Some fisheyes to be found. Scarce variety with Launceston on it as opposed to Tasmania. Grade: 6.5 Estimate: $50 - 75
Abbott Launceston Blue Vintage Soda Syphon
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