Lot 210: Deans Ararat Vintage Soda Syphon

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Sold for A$33

A. Deans & Co / Trade Mark / (AD Monogram) / Registered / Ararat / British Syphon Co. London / Soda Water. Original metal spout impressed A. Deans & Co Ararat. (Victoria) Aerated Water Soda Syphon Wide panelled or Regent type. Machine made. Clear. 30 oz. 245 mm without metal spout. 1930s+

Excellent. Some internal stain. Small flakes on some of the ribs. Some general wear and light marks. Bottom of the straw is broken but these can easily be replaced. Lovely condition overall. Grade: 8.1 Estimate: $30 - 40
Deans Ararat Vintage Soda Syphon
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