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Pair of Horsham Items: 1. J. Langlands & Sons / Pty Ltd / Horsham. No potters mark. 2. W. J. Thornley / Ginger / (WJT) / Beer / Horsham / This bottle is the property // of W. J. Thornley, Horsham. Base Mark: M771 / 1 / AGM. (Victoria) Miscellaneous Bottles 1. Two tone, tan top, off white body. Impressed. 1/2 Gallon. 2. Machine made. Amber. 13 oz. 272 & 172 mm. 1920s-1930s

1. Poor. Handle has been replaced. Hairlines in cross across the base come just up the side a tad. The glaze throughout is chipped and flaked off, there is barely any body glaze left. Neck glaze is flaked a fair bit too, but mostly there in this case. This has a metallic effect to it, quite an unusual glaze. Certainly would be an item for the collection as a talking piece! 2. Very Good. Some inner dirt that should soak out. Small bruise to front base edge. Some crate wear to the lower embossing. A few nicks to the main embossing. Some scuffs and scratches, quite scratched down the rear. A few little impact nicks. Grade: N/A Estimate: $30 - 50
Antique Old Bottles
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