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Six bottles: 1. A B A / The property of / Abbotsford Brewery / Victoria. No base mark. 2. Hartwig Kantorowicz / Posen / Ham= / burg / Paris. No base mark. 3. Plain cobalt chemist utility. Base: W. B. L / (Dot) / 18 oz. 4. J D K Z. No base mark. 5. Trade Mark / Insectine. Base Mark: (Dot). Original label for Insectine from the Velvetta Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia. 6. 18 sided ink. Base mark: 3 oz. Miscellaneous Bottles 1. Applied top, tooled finish. Green. 26 oz. 2. Applied top. Milk glass. 26 oz. 3. Applied top. Cobalt. 18 oz. 4. Applied top. Green. 30 oz. 5. Applied top, spun finish. Clear. 10 oz. 6. 18 sided ink with pouring spout. Cobalt. 3 oz. 1. 314 mm. 2. 231 mm. 3. 216 mm. 4. 262 mm. 5. 227 mm. 6. 128 mm. 1890s-1910s

1. Repaired. The top has been stuck on from the bottom of the ring up. Dullness with scuffs, scratches and some impact marks throughout. Little impact flake to right base edge. 2. Excellent. Deep open bubble with dirt in under the base heel. Some fine scuffs and scratches. 3. Very Good. Little impact flake to upper lip. Tiny nick to outer lip. Surface bubble towards base. Dull pacth to upper body. Some scuffs and scratches. Tiny nick to shoulder. 4. Very Good. Scuffs and scratrches and one or two dull spots. 5. Near Mint. Still has the contents, this is non-poisonous according to the label. Not sure how leak proof the lip is, so if we post this, we cannot guarantee it will not leak and damage the label! Label is slightly discoloured with a small hole and minor tears to the edges. A great item. 6. Fair. 30 mm crack adjoins another crack of 30 mm to the rear body. Some inner stain. Couple of nicks. A few scuffs and scratches. A bit if dullness. Grade: N/A Estimate: $50 - 75
Antique Old Bottles
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