Lot 878: Poudre Dentrifice Horton Crundall Pot Lid

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Poudre / Dentifrice / Imperiale / No More Tooth-ache! / But Beautifully / White teeth & Firm gums / Ensured by using this delightfully / Fragrant and Pure / Tooth Powder / Composee Par / Auguste Horton Crundall / Pharmacien / et Parfumeur Anglais. / Late 6 Avenue D'Eylau, Paris. (Victoria) Pot Lid Tooth Paste Square pot lid with black print. Turqouise colour with gold band. 66 mm across. 1900s

Good. This is a Melbourne lid, Auguste was born in Fitzroy in 1885 to Augustus Horton Crundall - who was a pharmaceutical chemist. In 1911, a death notice reported: HORTON-CRUNDALL, on the 6th April, at King's Arms, Queen-street, Melbourne, Auguste, eldest beloved son of Annie and the late Augustus Horton-Crundall (pharmaceutical chemist), aged 25 years 6 months. His father, Augustus, died in Melbourne on May 11th, 1907. So, was this lid meant to say Augustus, or was it made for his son who is actually named on the lid in Auguste? These are from the 1900s period, maybe 1890s, but they are very unlikely to date to prior to 1885, when it was recorded in print that Augustus and Annie gave birth to Auguste in Melbourne, so it is likely these were made for use in Melbourne, even though it has a French address, it does say Late for the address. Also, the majority of the print is in English, a lid made for French use would not have any English. Face is really good with the original gold band. Some scratches through the colour. A bit of discolouration. Left side towards the bottom has a repaired chip, This would have been 20-25 mm. The paintwork has discoloured a yellow colour. Some crazing and minor marks. No base. With the repair being not visible from the face and not large, this is a decent example for your collection. Grade: 6.7 Estimate: $150 - 250
Poudre Dentrifice Horton Crundall Pot Lid
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