Lot 879: Cherry Tooth Paste Beehive Pot Lid

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Sold for A$170

Cherry Tooth Paste / (Beehive with bees around and EB Monogram) / EB Monogram either side / Preserves / the Teeth / and sweetens / the breath. (Brisbane & Sydney, Queensland & New South Wales) Pot Lid Tooth Paste Large round lid. Pink & Black. 90 mm diameter. 1890s

Very Good. 13 x 6 mm chip under and just showing on front of the rim out from the P of Paste. A bit of stain and the lower left glaze is a bit dullish. A couple of glaze misses from manufacture. There is a 30 mm line that is either a scratch or super fine hairline from the bottom right of the beehive towards the lower right rim (doesn't show on the underside). Attractive Australian pot lid. Grade: 7.6 Estimate: $400 - 500
Cherry Tooth Paste Beehive Pot Lid
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