Lot 880: Antique Breidenbach Tooth Paste Pot Lids

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Sold for A$60

Pair of Breidenbach Pot Lids: 1. Cherry Paste London. 2. Carbolic Tooth Paste London, W. (Second one with base) (McRae Collection) Pot Lid Tooth Paste Round black & white pot lids. 78 & 75 mm diameter. 1890s

Cherry Paste is Excellent. Some glaze scrapes around the rim. A bit of crazing. Small flange chip. The Carbolic is Excellent. Dint in the rim from making at 6 o'clock. Some crazing and light stain. Base is in great shape too. This second lid is quite a scarce one. Grade: N/A Estimate: $60 - 80
Antique Breidenbach Tooth Paste Pot Lids
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