Lot 260: 3 large Chutneys: First Pick; Beacon Trading Co Geelong; White Crow. (Victoria)

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Sold for A$85

1. First Pick. No base mark. 2. The Beacon Trading Co / * / Manufacturers / * / Geelong / This bottle is the property of // The Beacon Trading Co Geelong. Base Mark: (Star) / (AGM Monogram). 3. White Crow / Tomato Sauce // This bottle is the property / of Francis Longmore & Co. Base Mark: A / (AGM monogram). (Victoria). Household. Chutney. 1. Applied top, spun finish. Amethyst. 26 oz. 2. Shouldered cylinder. Offset seam through lip. Clear. 26 oz. 3. Early machine applied top. Clear. 26 oz. 301, 283 & 282 mm. 1910s - 1920s

N/A. (N/A). 1. VG. Stained, a bit of surface etching in places. Oiled internally. Small surface bubble or two. Scuffed patch to front left shoulder. Another to front right shoulder. Some other scratches and minor scuff marks. These are actually quite hard to get. 2. VG. A few little nibbles to the seam around the upper lip. A little very light dullness, this has been oiled internally. Open bubble near front base edge. Tiny surface bruise to right base edge. A few light scratches and minor marks. Brilliant embossing. Great bottle. 3. VG. Small discoloured scuff to lip. Couple of nibbled marks to seam around upper lip. 7 x 3 mm flake to left base edge. Couple of short pitted scratches. A few streaks across upper right are making marks. A few bubbles to upper rear are very near the surface, but not quite. Quite a good example, these are a lot harder to get than the pictorial examples.. Estimate: $50-100
3 large Chutneys: First Pick; Beacon Trading Co Geelong; White Crow. (Victoria)
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